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Marketing consultancy for professional services firms

While the challenges across all professional services firms remain in the domains of human resources, profits and new business development the one thing that makes firms struggle most is the quality of business decisions. Particularly in marketing.

Without a proper marketing framework, without a decision-making model principals and management teams keep stepping on the same rake.

Our objective is to help committed experts develop their practices to a comfortable size. We work with firms that want to do the best work for their clients who gladly pay price premium for deeper expertise.

Expertise for committed professional experts

The following services are carefully curated, tested and updated on a regular basis. Each service offering serves a purpose and wouldn’t be listed here otherwise.

While most of our work is of strategic nature, we do offer implementation as well. Some of our clients find it more beneficial to have someone who needn’t be micro-managed. However, we do not implement without the strategy component. Otherwise it doesn’t work out the way it should.

We want to encourage, support and facilitate competence among committed experts of professional services industries. Thus we commit to and expect competence from ourselves too.

Our services are never cheap but they will always deliver more value. We never rush our work but it will save you a lot of time. On average firms that follow our advice get their marketing-related projects done 4x faster than competitors.

If you’re resolute in your refusal to step on the same rake and want to make prudent business decisions — you’re at the right place at the right time.

Positioning module

How do you position your firm, your brand or your services in the minds of your clients? Which category better suits your capabilities? This positioning module answers some of the most fundamental marketing questions.

Choosing the right category for your professional services firm is vital. Too broad and you’re irrelevant. Too narrow and you’re unsustainable. In this module we will establish the right positioning for your firm. So you can clearly and confidently articulate your valid claim — “We are X for Y”.

2,500 USD Learn more

Differentiation module

How do you differentiate from bland commodities? How do you stand out in an oversaturated marketplace? Are you sure the marketplace needs yet another X?

Differentiation goes hand in hand with positioning. This module will help you look at the marketplace and your own firm through a different lens. It will help you forge your unique perspective.

2,500 USD Learn more

Culture module

Professional services firms that are capable of fostering culture of creativity, knowledge and sharing do better long term.

In this module we will be designing the kind of culture that is aligned with your business objectives.

2,500 USD Learn more

Core MVVP module

This is a great module for companies that haven’t clearly articulated their mission, vision and purpose. Firms that have are privileged to filter out irrelevant opportunities.

The core statements aren’t mere proclamations. They are foundational to your firm’s culture, type of work you’ll do and kind of clients you’ll get.

2,000 USD Learn more

Service offerings module

The way you package your services will either support or hinder your positioning. Firms that provide widely interchangeable services are finding it harder to win business, more so — to make a profit.

This module works great for firms that are looking to simplify their offerings, to be more profitable and more relevant to their clients.

3,000 USD Learn more

Pricing module

The pricing module explores the limitations and opportunities your business model, management style and target market can have on your prices. This module is tightly knit with the Service offerings module.

When is the right time to raise prices? Which price band to choose? Are you over-delivering and underpricing? We will explore the most important aspects.

2,000 USD Learn more

Naming module

An ideal name for the professional services firm doesn’t exist. But there is a set of criteria that constitutes a good company name. It should stand out from the competition yet reinforce the right expectations. And it shouldn’t take months to invent one.

During this module we will go through several exercises. Your team will work toward generating the name for your firm, service or brand. They will be proud of their efforts and the result.

1,500 USD Learn more

Storytelling module

There is always a story at the roots of any firm. A good story resonates with the target audience. It reflects values. It explains the reasons why you do business your way.

This storytelling module will provide guidance to writing your own story.

1,500 USD Learn more

Lead gen module

Lead generation isn’t only about getting more work. It is more about working with the right kind of clients. If your firm already has enough work, we will focus on getting better clients. If it doesn’t — we’ll look into both.

In this module we will develop an ongoing system for generating leads. We will improve lead to prospect conversion rates. We will review client qualification criteria. We will set specific targets, and work out a comfortable yet realistic schedule.

5,000 USD Learn more

Lead Nurturing module

This is our premium service for professional services firms that have met certain qualification criteria. Together with your team we design the buyers’ journey, gather more data about your prospects at every step, nudge them toward specific favourable actions, and provide your sales/account people with actionable insight.

20,000 USD + 10% of revenue increase

Messaging module

Brand messaging module is about the voice & tone, the look & feel, internal attitude toward work and clients, features and benefits of what you do.

In this module we will create an elevator pitch, a tagline and multiple signature statements about your firm and your work.

2,500 USD Learn more

Touchpoints module

Touch points are areas of impact where your clients come into contact with your firm. Some touch points can have a big impact, some — smaller.

We will explore all four areas where your clients should experience how it is to work with your firm. We will emphasize the most prominent touchpoints, and eliminate distracting ones.

1,500 USD Learn more

Roadmap module

The roadmap module is tightly related to the Touchpoints module. Once we have identified which points of contact your firm should focus on, we’d have to work at prioritizing them.

In this module we will lay out a plan for short, mid and long term actions at specific touch points. We will estimate budgets and appoint responsibilities.

1,500 USD Learn more

Branding services

Our branding services include logo design, patterns, iconography, color palette, look & feel, voice & tone — all the work required to set the baseline for the kind of professional services firm you aspire to become.

We do not take massive projects that we don’t have capacity for. We typically work with up to ca. 200 employee size firms. For bigger projects we can offer branding advisory services and supervision.

10,000 USD+ Learn more

Digital marketing

We provide digital marketing for professional services firms. Typically in these areas: email marketing, SEO, pay-per-click campaigns, content planning and social media marketing. All of these marketing services are tightly related to our packages and separate modules such as Lead Gen.

We cover the fundamentals from A to Z without missing the Y. We create systems so you don’t have to do digital marketing ad hoc or ever start from scratch.

When our clients grow into bigger accounts that require more in-depth knowledge of a specific area, we advise to hire specialized digital marketing agencies. We can offer project supervision.

5,000 USD+ Learn more

Web design

Our web design & development services are typically a part of the Websites Worth Making package. Sometimes we only create landing pages as part of the Lead Gen module.

We consider professional websites to be a crucial element in your marketing. A tool that will help you attain the kind of business you want. Some firms view their websites as a cost rather than an investment — that’s a mismatch with our approach. We consider such projects as a bad fit.

20,000 USD+ Learn more

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