Tools & Calculators

Marketing Tools and Calculators for Professional services firms

These free calculators will help you with your marketing and management efforts. You can apply these tools for projects such as a website redo or rebranding. Some tools will aid in your firm’s management.

At the very least these awesome tools will help you make better business decisions. At most — provide you with a head start on your competition.

We have developed and open-sourced these tools because we want to support competence in professional experts.

We apply these tools at our own practise as well as to solve our client’s problems — albeit more in-depth and wider variety.

Free calculators and online tools

Use our free calculators designed specifically for Professional services firms: architects, engineers, creatives, accountants, lawyers, recruiters and contractors.

We are constantly looking for ways to aid fellow professional experts. This collection of free tools and calculators is one of those efforts.

We want to encourage and support competent professionals who believe in doing the best work for their clients. If you have a problem — tell us about it. Most common problems encourage us to develop tools and, when possible, distribute it for free. Because we want to facilitate competence.