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Many entrepreneurs and SMB owners are confused about why the price of a simple brand mark or logotype can reach thousands of US dollars. Judging by the looks of any famous logo it seems like it shouldn’t cost more than a couple of hundred bucks. It doesn’t take much of an artistic skill to draw Nike’s swoosh or Apple’s apple.

The invisible parts of the logo design costs are market research, concept development and application testing. The more applications the logo has to appear on, e.g., brochures, stationeries, signage, interiors, merchandize and so on, the pricier the logo design process gets.

Use this free online calculator to estimate the logo design budget for your company. As a rule of thumb — the smaller the business, the smaller your marketing budget, the less sense it makes to invest more money into a great logo.

Logo concepts

How many distinct logo design concepts you would like to be created for your brand? A typical number of unique concepts is three. Use the slider to select the desired number.


Logo revisions

How many logo revisions would you like to have? A typical logo design project involves two revisions. Use the slider to adjust this number. Select more if you think you will be requesting many revisions.


Logo guidelines

Do you want to have a thorough manual that illustrates how to use your logo assets? Logo guidelines describe the ways your logotype, brand mark and their combinations should and could be used. It also provides examples on how not to use your company’s logo and what to avoid.

No guidelines
Essential guidelines
Extensive guidelines

Marketing budget

Company’s total marketing budget has a direct effect on logo design costs. Cheap logos carry all sorts of problems that inevitably translate into every piece of marketing communications. The average marketing budget for most industries is 10%. Input your annual marketing budget in US dollars here.


Logo calculator results

This estimate shows how much you should expect to invest in a logo design project for your brand.

Estimated Logo Design Budget 0 USD

Logo design alternatives

If you look at a price of several thousand US dollars for a logo design, you might feel shocked — why does it cost so much for an image you could doodle yourself in half an hour time?

Without getting into too many details, think of it this way — how much will it cost your company to redo all of the marketing assets (brochures, signage, stationeries, billboards, branded videos, branded images) when you realize that your cheap logo is no good?

We strongly recommend investing into your logo to avoid frustration and additional costs in its future. However, knowing that your business might not be able to afford the full-fledged logo design project, here is a list of alternatives you have.

Free logo — the cheapest option possible

If you absolutely have no budget for a logo, you could search online for AI generated logos. Just use the search term — “ai logo maker” — and you will get a lot of results.

This option works for bootstrapped start-ups, mom-and-pop shops and small companies with a zero marketing budget.

DISCLAIMER: we do not endorse this approach.

Super-cheap logo design

You are probably aware of websites such as Fiverr and 99Designs that offer these services. The price for logo design services start as low as 5 USD. You can only imagine how much work and effort will be put into your company’s main brand mark at this rate.

Unfortunately the majority of sellers on these platforms tend to do as little as possible because of the low prices. If the price is 5 USD, the design part is out of the question — you will get an AI-generated logo at best.

This option works for small businesses that don’t have a steady, growing customer base and therefore cannot afford to invest money into marketing.

DISCLAIMER: we do not endorse this approach. Make sure you understand what you’re signing up for.

Professional logo design

Hiring an experienced freelance logo designer is a good option when you want to get a good deal. The person who had prior experience or proper education in graphic design can do a good job with a logo for your company.

To find an experienced freelancer you could visit Behance and Dribble where professionals showcase their work.

You should be aware that while talented, some freelancers may lack the experience in project management and might be unaware of the processes behind agencies’ approach to logo design projects.

Choosing a professional logo designer is good option for SMBs that have a steady cash flow. Expect to have someone on your team working alongside the freelancer to get the most out of this project.

A logo for a brand

When your company has enough resources and is serious about investments in the future, consider engaging in branding. Creating an effective logo for your brand is going to be an intrinsic part of this effort.

You will be able to find decent design agencies both on Behance and Dribble. You can always search for local agencies online. We’d love to talk to you about your company branding, if you are serious about moving forward and creating a better future for your company, your employees, your clients and yourself.

awezzom Marketing consultancy from NYC is the best fit for small, profitable Professional services firms with up to 150 employees in size. For businesses that are seriously considering their branding as part of the effort of transitioning their company from yet another bland commodity toward a compelling brand.

This logo design option works best for companies that can afford to invest at least 10,000 USD into (re-)branding. This is a long-term investment and therefore can only be considered a good option for mature, established businesses or well-funded start-ups.

The benefit of working with awezzom is our special framework-based approach that saves your time and resources. You will be able to get ahead of your competition. While your rivals wrangle over minor decisions (such as logo colors or website fonts), your company will leapfrog artificial barriers and petty squabbles. You will gain a well-deserved, unfair advantage in the marketplace.

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