the ultimate Cost-per-click campaign Calculator

This free online calculator will help you determine the budget for your next cost-per-click campaign. One of your firms’s primary business objectives is to get new clients. Enter the desired number of new clients in the first input field to get started.

New clients

What is your business objective in terms of the number of new clients? Input the number of new clients your company expects to have as a result of investment in a CPC campaign.

Revenue per client

Input the average amount in revenue a single client generates over a period of one calendar year for your business.


Profit margin

What is an average gross profit margin of your services? Input the percentage of the revenue.


Client lifecycle

How long on average do your clients continue to use your services? Input the average lifecycle of a typical client in years.


Prospect to Client

A prospect is a person who has expressed its genuine interest in your services and has taken steps that indicate buyer's intent.

How many prospects are becoming your paying clients on average? Input your current or expected conversion rate.


Lead to Prospect

A lead is a person who has provided its contact details for future marketing communications but hasn't explicitly expressed buyer's intent.

How many leads are becoming your company's prospects on average? Input your current or expected conversion rate.


Visitor to Lead

A visitor is a person who has paid your company's website a visit but hasn't provided any contact information for future marketing communications.

How many visitors of your website are providing their contact information through online forms or other means? Input the average conversion rate.


Cost per click

CPC is an actual price you have to pay for every single click that is based on an auction type bidding for selected keywords.

What is an estimated price of a single click for the keywords from your industry? Enter an average price for a single click.


Landing page

A landing page is usually a standalone page specifically designed for the purpose of serving the right sort of information for the people targeted by online ads.

How much will you spend on a landing page to drive traffic from clicks to? Enter a total cost of the landing page(-s) for this campaign.


CPC campaign

CPC stands for cost-per-click.

How much will it cost to develop, analyze, make changes and maintain this campaign? These could be internal costs if the campaign is launched in-house or external costs if you are hiring an agency or an expert to launch the campaign for you.


Other costs

Any other non-direct costs.

Input the amount of indirect costs associated with this CPC campaign.


Calculator results

CPC Budget 0 USD

The estimated CPC campaign budget shows how much you should expect to pay to for clicks to attain the desired number of new clients.

Total Budget 0 USD

The estimated total budget shows how much you should expect to invest in a pay-per-click campaign to attain the desired number of new clients.

Net present value 0 USD

The Net Present Value shows a discounted gross profit value for a selected period of [select] years minus all expenses to prepare, launch, run, maintain and analyze the CPC campaign.

How to set a Budget for a cost-per-click campaign?

This calculator is an awesome tool that will help you determine the budget for your next pay-per-click advertising campaign. Use this tool whenever you need to have a rough estimate in order to make decisions faster.

Cost-per-click campaigns can be an amazing marketing tactic in your arsenal. To maximize their efficiency use them in conjunction with other tactics: online ads, email blasts and social media posts. Before you start investing money in CPC ads, make sure to set your business objectives and think through the digital marketing strategy.

Make sure your firm can afford the CPC campaign and that it is going to be profitable at least in theory — on paper. It wouldn’t make much sense to spend more on advertising than you could potentially gain. In case it’s not the right time in terms of finances, it would be rather prudent to postpone this investment, and launch a thoroughly developed marketing campaign later to turn the odds in your favor.

If you want to maximize your ROI for cost-per-click campaigns, talk to us about your next project. Use the contact form on this page.

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