the ultimate Performance Potential Calculator

This free calculator enables you to measure your firm’s performance against other professional services firms that have achieved a so-called “sweet spot” in the marketplace.

The benchmarks used in this test are based on the US data. If you would like to know how to adjust that to your regional markets please get in touch.

Full-time employee count

Enter the number of your full-time employees (FTEs). Everyone who gets a salary, even owners and founders. If you have 20 people employed full-time and one part-time employee, enter 20.5


Average hourly rate

Enter the amount you use internally to calculate how much you would charge a client for work. You would typically estimate X hours to do the job and multiply it by this hourly rate to cover the costs plus profit. Some of your clients might be getting different hourly rates and discounts on top. Don't use the actual average rate but the one you make your calculations based on.

150 USD

Average work hours per week

Enter the number of hours an average FTE works per week on average. This includes non-billable hours too such as emails, meetings, traveling, lunch breaks, etc. Try to be as realistic as possible.

43 hr / w

Average work days per year

Enter how many days your FTEs work on average during a calendar year. To get this number subtract holidays, vacations, sick leaves, home leaves, personal time, etc.

235 days / y

Actual revenue

Enter the amount of this period’s total income less all external costs that went to third parties (subcontractors, freelancers, licenses, research, reimbursed travel, etc.) that were directly associated with work you did for your clients. Do not subtract costs that keep your firm running such as overhead, salaries, rent, etc.