This page hasn’t been updated in a few years. We have changed our positioning and service offerings.

Zowey used to be part of our digital marketing services. This project was best suited for mass-email retail and e-commerce businesses. If you’re in charge of this sort of business and interested, please get in touch.

Otherwise, please get back to the main page to know more about our current marketing solutions for professional services firms.


Zowey Zahm

Digital Marketing
at its finest

Meet Zowey and become part of the story as an active participant, shaping the way it unfolds.

Zowey is a crucial part of our digital marketing effort at awezzom. She distributes valuable pieces of content to valiant entrepreneurs, prudent business managers and key decision makers in an engaging, personal way.


“My name’s Zahm — Zowey Zahm. How do you pronounce that? Well, Zahm is like Wham!, but without the W, obviously, (giggles) oh . . . and without H of course.

“Zowey is pronounced like this — Zou-wee, but totally not like Zoe; so it’s — Zou-eee. Pff . . . I’m terrible at this. . . .

“Anyway, I’m in charge, as in The-Big-Boss of digital marketing here at awezzom where we work with small and medium size companies to facilitate their transition from bland commodities to compelling Brands. I truly believe the world needs better businesses and we all deserve to have better brands.

“We write and talk about things like Brand, Strategy, Positioning, Differentiation, Vision and Purpose . . . and yours truly is responsible for sharing our toughts with awesome people like you.”

Here's what other important people think

Ravi R. — Founder & Chairman
from Los Angeles, California
. . . I wanted to tell you, nice try😊 Creative.. and .. good luck. I would have continued on.. Zowey looked solemn with longing eyes that tugged at your soul to be generous, but then, the door opened and reality struck as a bustle of New Yorkers tried to cram into the elevator pushing and showing each other to get in before the door shut . . .
Ben E. — Vice President
from Vienna, Virginia
. . . I get a million emails and am constantly blowing past cold emails, so you certainly earned my attention. The story telling though.. that was great. Well done Zowey!
Peter V. — CEO
from Lisbon, Portugal
. . . That was just two days ago, and her life had already changed, as she brought the gin and tonic to her lips and savoured it longingly. She wasn’t too sure how, but she had bagged Peter. Apparently he had fallen for her story about the lady in the lift, and was eager to read her articles. What a moron, she thought. But she had gotten her promotion, and Zowey felt on top of the world.
Daniel D. — Chief Executive Officer
from Cincinnati, Ohio
Awesomely creative and engaging. Seriously, very well done . . .
Christian W. — Senior Managing Partner
from Mexico
Tim B. — Chief Executive Officer
from Davis, California
Despite this being one of the best solicitations I have ever received . . . I thought you deserved kudos for creativity . . .
Champ S. — General Partner
from San Francisco Bay Area
It’s an eye-catching, thoughtful cold email . . .
Christian Z. — Managing Partner
from Boston, MA
Very creative, Zowey . . . I do appreciate a great intro. Nicely done.
Jacob V. — Managing Partner
from Baltimore, Maryland
. . . i was definitely intrigued by this email. Very nice marketing.
Jason P. — General Partner
from Fulton, MD
This is the most creative mass email I’ve ever received.
Dave M. — General Partner
from Houston, Texas

You have a great sense of humor. I like you now! All the best!

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