case study

The project

We were tasked to create a trilingual website for a construction company and give their logo a fresh look.

The challenge

We had to learn about the company, their values; look into the problem they are trying to solve; get to know who the core customers are; figure out how to position the service; align the offer, design and messaging with the goal and target customers' expectations in mind.

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the strategy workshop


During the discovery session in our strategy workshop we found out Baltpanels has been in the construction industry for over 23 years. The company has grown from doing small occassional jobs to complex projects like multi-story apartment buildings, offices, industrial spaces, etc. Their success has been folstered by uncompromised attention to detail, responsibility, strive for improvement and beauty.

The problem

Trust, quality, responsibility, competence, reliability - these are the most common issues clients have to contend with when dealing with contractors. Baltpanels knows this too well and has always been committed to providing a single source responsibility construction services. Their standards are high and so is the reputation.


The most challenging, captivating and rewarding projects were always in private sector for the enterpise: apartment renovations, residential house construction, swimming pools, saunas. Company's core customers have always been referred by previous clients. These are the people who are looking for a partner they could trust, the co-creator of the space their family would live in - a safe, well designed, thought-through, rejuvenating environment without hidden flaws, cracks, leaks, 'cut corners' or 'loose ends'.
Target clients are well-off people in their late 30's to 50's, usually families with several children and pets. They have enough of their own responsibilities and worries, so they are looking for a peace of mind and reliability when it comes to such a daunting endeavor as construction and renovation.


Baltpanels provides reliable construction and renovation services to savvy clients in a respectable manner with a tranquil voice and forthcoming tone, helping customers feel assured and have a peace of mind.
If Baltpanels would have been a person, the best fitting description would be that of a sage.
What makes the company stand-out from the competition isn’t the on-time, hassle-free, reliable service, but on top of that - an understanding of importance of each project, the influence it has over people operating in the premises and living their everyday lives: eating, sleeping, playing with children in a safe, pleasant, rejuvinating environment.


The company never had a website nor felt like they really needed one - all of their customers are referrals. The decision was made to create a simple web app with minimum necessary information that would communicate company values and provide contact details. The reason for creating it derived from the need of new clients to go online and see for themselves what they had been referred to.

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In order to avoid countless website revisions, that consume tons of time and resource, we have invested into creating a styleframe.
What seems to be counter-intuitive at first, as making a piece of artwork takes time, pays off in the long run. It really helps to limit the variability, focus on the style, stay on the mutually agreed course, make changes in accord with the pattern. It is somewhat similar to a foundation stone of all the future projects.
Styleframe is a type of artwork that utilizes chosen primary and secondary colors, typeface, messaging samples, resources from moodboard and has additional design elements that highlight the overall style of the project. It is a guide and a point of reference for any designer who will be working on designated projects. It is a visual representation of a brand guidebook, if you like, but more concise and subtle.

Baltpanels design styleframe | awezzom