Prudent Marketing for AEC firms

Staying ahead of your competition is possible by making better business decisions faster. Architectural, engineering and construction firms aren’t incompetent en masse. It is the quality of key marketing decisions that grants some companies a competitive edge.

We work with executives and principals of AEC industry’s firms to fix their positioning, revise their service offerings and create a custom sustainable lead generation system.

If you want to do the best work for better clients who gladly pay a price premium for your exceptional expertise — you are at the right place and at the right time. Competence — is the trump card we’ll use to propel your firm to a comfortable state of affairs.

Top 5% firms make 2-3x per full-time employee of what bottom 10% firms make.

The top challenges of AEC industry

Principals and executives of architectural, construction and engineering firms report the following as of utmost importance:

  1. How to increase profitability without compromising on quality of work
  2. How to attract and motivate better people
  3. How to decrease turnover rates
  4. How to manage spikes & drops in demand as well as downtime
  5. How to stand out in a template-driven RFQ environment
  6. Where to find better clients and what to say to them
  7. How to position the firm in a compelling yet meaningful way
  8. How to close more business deals
  9. How to persuade clients to change their requests and win
  10. What other than word-of-mouth marketing channels will work

Take a look at our marketing solutions developed specifically for professional services firms to tackle the aforementioned challenges.

Get clients to pay for what they really need

A typical buyer of AEC services requests an estimate, a proposal, a RFP or a RFQ — all major time suck. They have a spreadsheet, a form or some other procedure in place where you are obliged to input your numbers.

It’s easier for clients to process the otherwise complex set of data — if everyone follows the same procedure picking one is a no-brainer. Every company that partakes by responding to RFPs is viewed as another vendor by default. The only differentiating factor — price.

If you’re the kind of special firm that believes in doing the best work for your clients, you know that standard forms cannot portray the subtle intricacies of the job.

We shall review your service offerings, and discuss alternative ways of bidding, estimating and responding to RFPs & RFQs. So your clients could get what they really need, and you could spend your time more productively.

Apart from services we will work on your positioning and lead gen. To make yours a truly remarkable company we’ll forge an alignment between your category, your target market and your point of view.

Become more profitable than the average

Undifferentiated AEC firms can’t command a price premium. There are only three ways an easily interchangeable vendor can thrive (sporadically): when the industry is booming, by optimizing taxes, or by indefinitely postponing contractual obligations to suppliers.

Well-differentiated AEC firms thrive by establishing authority and investing in competence.

We work with architects, engineers and contractors who whole-heartedly believe in doing the best work for their clients and get paid more for their exceptional expertise.

To do this at your firm you have to stand out from bland competition. To become more profitable, first, we need to attend to your positioning. Second, when your firm becomes less interchangeable, we need to repackage your offerings. And third — we need to fill your pipeline with more leads. So that at a certain point you could say no to less desirable clients.

Attract better talent to join your firm

Due to seasonal fluctuations, spikes and drops in demand it’s harder to keep the core workforce happy and maintain a desirable workload. Not to mention your ability to hire new people. But AEC firms have to be recruiting (not necessarily hiring) non-stop.

A players attract A players when the culture encourages such behavior. When your firm is known for better-than-average salaries, great benefits and a compelling culture your people will eagerly recommend and search up viable candidates should they decide it’s time to move on.

We will work at your mission, vision, purpose and your culture. We’ll implement some tactics on your website so that you could have a pool of qualified candidates when you need them most.

Connect with us to discuss your challenges and aspirations

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