A few words about us.

Strategic digital
marketing firm from NYC

awezzom is a local creative Digital marketing agency from New York with a global perspective.

Our work with small service-oriented businesses facilitates their transition from interchangeable, bland commodities toward compelling brands.

We help small companies differentiate from competition while being able to charge more for their services.



There is an abundance of me-too products and services in this world. And there is an alarming shortage of irreplaceable brands. Too many companies tend to resemble one another, copying the same features and benefits as the competitor next door. Faced with too many interchangeable options clients are frustrated and confused. We believe there are many great companies out there. They just need a chance to prove their worth. Our mission is to facilitate the transition from bland commodities to compelling brands.


The mission is challenging, yes, but not impossible. We work with key decision makers to achieve alignment across multiple facets and disciplines. It is crucial to align business objectives with company values and customer expectations; to align utility with price and profits; to align the business model with culture and offering. The brand is going to work only when it is important enough for those who benefit from it. We strive to attain a future state where someday prudent business leaders, eager employees and loyal customers assemble to co-create meaningful brands.


When the shallow mediocracy rises to the top in the marketplace it dictates the rules for everyone: competitors, talent, customers — the whole industry. It shapes our future, sucking out the essence of products and services, making them bland. Everyone loses. We assist small service-oriented companies that have great culture and insights with taking on the big bad wolfes and changing the status quo. We believe the world needs and people deserve to have better businesses. Our purpose is to accelerate the creation of meaningful brands.

. . .

We care about your business. No, seriously. We believe you can actually provide better services for your clients. We will help you find the way into their hearts and minds. We will facilitate your transition from being an interchangeable commodity toward an irreplaceable brand.


So many times have we seen so much resources wasted on deliverables and actions that later turned out to be expedient rather than meaningful. There is never a shortage of unexpected problems that will require your attention. Let’s act in a prudent way engaging in strategic creative thinking prior to everything else.


We will need to know the scope of work, your budget and have access to key decisions makers. This way we know you are being serious. If you don't know where to start — talk to us.


We do not bid for projects. It’s a waste of our time. Hire us for a discovery session to reveal the scope of work your project assumes. Learn more about our process here.


Because of our entrepreneurial DNA we care about your financial success. We expect you to honor our objective of making a profit as well.


We don't charge by the hour. Our strategic creative thinking doesn’t work that way. We will invest as much time as necesessary to attain the goals we had agreed upon. Our fees will always reflect the value of our thinking and performance.


There is no competition for our time, creative thinking or expertise. When we have agreed to work with you on your project we will never jump ships or set off for greener pastures.


We don’t take more clients than we can handle. It is important for us to do the work exceptionally well so that you couldn’t help but tell about us to your peers, colleagues and friends.


We don’t disrupt for the sake of disruption. We don’t rebell against things that work well. We appreciate what had been invented, created and preserved by previous generations.


We look forward to new opportunities, fresh ideas, bold innovations, unmapped territories and challenging tasks.


Exceptional quality requires patience and time. If you want us to do something fast, lower your expectations or hire someone else.


We don’t work with liers, jerks and bullies. We treat colleagues, clients and friends with equal respect and we expect decency in return.