about us


We care about your business. We will try to talk you out of spending money on rebranding, repackaging, repositioning until it is an inevitable investment.


We will focus on the minimum viable product first. There is never a shortage of unexpected problems that will require your money. Let’s not spend more than absolutely necessary.


We will need to know your budget. This way we know you are being serious. If you don't know where to start with formulating tasks and goals, we can help.


We do not bid for projects. It’s a waste of our time. Hire us for a discovery session to reveal the scope of work your project assumes.


We care about your financial success, because of our entrepreneurial DNA. So we expect you to honor our objective of making a profit.


We do not work free of charge and we will charge for both our time and value provided.


We will help you minimize your costs, but don’t expect us to do it for free.


We don’t charge nearly as much as well-know agencies, but our services are not cheap and are never free of charge. If you receive a consultation, expect an invoice.


We don’t disrupt for the sake of disruption. We don’t rebell against things that work well. We appreciate what had been invented, created and preserved by previous generations.


We look forward to new opportunities, fresh ideas, bold innovations, unmapped territories and challenging tasks.


Exceptional quality requires patience and time. If you want us to do something fast, lower your expectations.


We don’t work with liers, jerks and bullies. We treat colleagues, clients and friends with equal respect and we expect decency in return.