Branding for professional service firms

Designing a brand identity for a professional services firm isn’t just about the way things should look. It’s about what’s important, how things should work and why.

Some firms discover they need to refresh their identity and be up-to-date with the ever-evolving marketplace. Some want to establish a strong foundation for future marketing communications. Some firms put too much stock in branding, and some — brand it irrelevant.

The best approach is in-between. The depth and quality of branding services is a function of firm’s positioning. Which, in turn, reflects the realities of a marketplace, size of the firm and business objectives.

Brand identity design for professional services firms

The purpose of branding has always been to help distinguish one thing from another. Buyers of professional services evaluate vendors’ fit all the time. When everyone says, looks and feels the same the only thing that sets vendors apart is price. Good branding highlights unique strengths and helps buyers pick the firm that’s right for them.

The quality of brand identity has a direct effect on price bandwidth. Things that look cheap are supposed to be cheap. Premium price demands premium quality. Professional services firms that care deeply about the quality of their work, and want to charge more for their services, should invest in good quality branding.

Brand identity helps with attracting and retaining talent. People are drawn to beauty, and associate it with quality. A well-designed brand identity is powered by beauty and invites the best in people. Employees prefer working at firms that invest in designing both physical and digital spaces for their people. It shows that the management cares.

List of our branding services

Here is a list of branding services we provide for professional services firms. We are not a specialized branding or design agency. We only take on the work that we have capacity for. Our offerings best fit the firms that need to have foundational branding done in order to focus on more important issues such as getting better paying clients who gladly pay for deep expertise.

Working with us on your brand identity you can expect the kind of quality you are experiencing on this ( website. We can advise you on the level of branding your firm requires based on its size. We can also suggest specialized agencies to work with, and we can supervise the process for best results.

The one and only perfect logo for your firm doesn’t exist. The best brands in the world had their logos changed multiple times.

You might stumble on a good logo accidentally. But we prefer to use a proven process that guarantees good quality logo for you professional servies firm.

Company logo

We come up with ideas for a logo, sketch multiple versions, select a couple and iterate on hundreds of options until we find the one that works.

Brand mark and logotype

Color palette

Colors can set the mood. Colors can help you get noticed. There are warm and cold colors. There are neutral colors. There are color combos that can make a statement. There are colors that will blend you in and there are those that will make your firm stand out.

The point of investigating which colors will work best for your firm isn’t only about being distinguishable from competition for the sake of differentiation, but rather induce the right associations in your prospects’ minds.

Pantone 296 C
Pantone P 75-1 U
Pantone 2398 U
Pantone 1788 C
Pantone 1375 C

Color palette

We handpick complementary colors that best depict the brand. They are used to set the mood, emphasize what’s important, arrange items in visual hierarchy, juxtapose or associate key elements.

Brand colors


There are many mistakes that can be avoided with typography. There are type families that don’t work for certain types of businenesses. Expert firms should be aware of the role the wrong typography can play on the perception of the quality. We can help select the right combination of fonts for your marketing communications.



We carefully select fonts, combine typefaces, adjust letter spacing and sizes to prioritize, highlight, draw attention and make overall design more appealing and legible.


Custom iconography

Some apps require custom iconography. When user experience is of utmost priority for your firm, and you have a high traffic online, it makes a lot of sense to invest in custom icons.

Visitors can reach their goals faster without the necessity of reading the labels. Icons are a perfect shortcut that saves your clients time and removes frustration.

We can create custom-made icons for your firm. Your visual identity will become more memorable. It will make your clients lives easier.

Custom icons

We create custom icons for that prominent uniqueness your project might require. Sometimes these small details really add up and make a huge difference.


Brand guidelines

The point of developing brand guidelines is to attain consistency across all communication channels. Each piece of marketing communication at every touch point should have consistent branding. Thus the price of a brand manual is a function of your marketing budget.

It’s best to do this right from the start, and avoid wasting resources on tweaks and variations every time you’re about to launch a new campaign. Consistent branding depicted in the brand manual is a sure way to guarantee TwigSap — the whole is greater than the sum of all parts.

Brand identity design for professional services firms

A solid brand identity supports your marketing communications. When your clients and prospects can easily identify and distinguish your company from the rest of the bland competition — that’s a formidable competitive advantage.

Your professional firm can benefit from a unique brand identity. Indecisiveness is one of the obstacles between your solutions and your clients’ needs. When your company stands out from the crowd, it gets much easier for clients to spot it and make the choice.

The way company looks and presents itself has a huge role at how the target audiences perceive the anticipated value and price of the transactions. Luxury brands can charge premium in part for looking expensive.

Brand identity design services for construction & building firms

Visual identity

The visual identity of a brand consists of color palettes and their combinations, typography, design elements, patterns and their interrelationships.

We will create a brand guidebook that depicts all of the above mentioned constituents of visual identity. These brand guidelines will inform your employees how to use — and more importantly — how not to use your company brand mark, logotype, typography and other design elements that support your brand’s identity.

Company Logo design

Company logo is a symbol. It doesn’t have to be amazing. But it has to be memorable and distinguishable from the rest of your competition.

The meaning of the logo is derived from the qualities of the company and its services. Our job is to help your small business articulate that. We will create a logo for your brand that can stand the test of time.

We do not make cheap logos. If you care about the future of your company, consider using this FREE logo calculator to estimate your company logo design project.

Brand messaging framework

What your company says to its clients and prospects is important. First and foremost, it is important to them. But the right kind of messaging is also helpful to your small business as well. Brand messaging can help you charge more for your services.

Using this framework we will create the Tone & Voice of brand. We will craft a catchy Tagline for your services. We will write a memorable Elevator pitch for your sales people. We will create a compelling Unique Value Proposition.

The foundational element of brand messaging is a story. We will interview your key stakeholders and then compose a remarkable Brand story. A story that finds its way into the hearts of your buyers and resonates deeply.

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