Module — core mvvp

Mission, vision, values, purpose for professional service firms

This module consists of multiple exercises, discussion topics and questions aimed at helping firms create great Mission and Vision statements as well as discover the Purpose for their businesses.

Core MVVP is a framework that enables team members draft meaningful core statements about their company in the shortest period of time. The workshop is called “Core” because a professional service firm with a clearly defined mission, vision and purpose stays true to its course and is capable of weeding out distractions disguised as opportunities.

Benefits of the Core MVVP module

It is amazing what you can achieve with a good framework. Companies that tried to do this on their own without a proper framework either ended up having zero results or resorted to copying business statements from other companies. That never works.

Take a look at most of your competitors’ websites. Find their mission statements. They all look the same. Try to derive meaning behind those words — impossible.

Imagine you could create a perfect mission statement for your business that is perfectly aligned with your true company vision. Imagine you would have clear, concise, compelling statements about your company that deeply resonate with your target audience.

The power of this framework will enable you to have that.

This module allows you to:

  • Unite eager team members under one banner.

  • Attract better talent with similar beliefs.

  • Experience positive emotions pursuing meaningful goals.

  • Create an anti-depressant for challenging times.

  • Become attractive to buyers who share your values.

  • Stand out from bland competition that echoes vague slogans.

Core MVVP module

what will you get?During the Core MVVP workshop your team will engage in conversations and exercises. We will provide participants with examples from well-known companies. Your team will collaborate to come up with your firm’s core statements.

Through this workshop teams were able to go from vague, empty, copy-paste sentences to meaningful vision and mission statements. However, we never expect a perfect statement from workshop attendees — no worries. We polish the statements afterwards so that they are easy to remember, have meaning and are mutually aligned with your brand.

The process behind great Mission, Vision and Purpose statements

Each segment of this workshop lasts for 60 to 120 minutes depending on the number of participants. The Purpose of the business is usually the most challenging part. It takes more time to create a good purpose statement. You should expect to devote 4 to 8 hours for this workshop depending on the number of participants.

Prior to diving into the exercises we provide team members with examples of mission, vision, values and purpose statements from well-known, established businesses. We also explain why the examples provided are really good.

As with most of the constituent elements of our marketing solutions we expect to have the key people present at all times. Principals, general managers, marketing and sales directors are the ones who we’re looking forward to having for the workshops.

It’s rarely the case that teams craft great core company statements right on the spot. We always summarize the findings of each workshop. Everything that needs to be improved gets our fullest attention.

We will polish your firm’s mission, vision and purpose statements until they are fully articulated, concise and meaningful. Once finalized and confirmed you will be proud of this important work.

Application of the SCP model

We apply the Swan-Crawfish-Pike model (SCP model) to this module. Each statement we create has to communicate the business your firm is in, the value for your clientele and the cultural significance of your approach.

Apart from this, all three — mission, vision and purpose — have to be in alignment with one another. Values has a role to play in your firm’s culture.

Creating your firm’s vision statement

The vision of the company is best described with an image. What is it that you want your firm to achieve in 5 to 20 years? Your vision statement should be crystal clear. Think of it as of a destination. Imagine it as clearly as possible.

Having a good vision statement for your company will help to filter out distractions. It is the ultimate goal for your company. Once attained you’d be able to formulate a new vision.

Together with your team we’ll go through several exercises to formulate a powerful vision statement for your firm.

Crafting a Mission statement

The mission of your business is to generate revenue that sustains your company while providing value to your clients. If there is little to no value in the services you provide, your clients will search for alternatives.

Your firm’s offerings have to be aligned, and be able to facilitate the attainment of your business vision. A clear mission statement conveys the core idea — what is it that you do. What day-to-day activities, that are valuable to your clients, you will perform in order to achieve your vision? The mission statement communicates this to your clients and stakeholders.

The questions and exercises in this segment of the Core MVVP module will facilitate the creation of a compelling mission statement for your firm.

Discovering the Purpose of your firm

Is there a reason why you show up every day beyond making money? The exercises in this module will help your teammates discover the nuggets that will lead to your true purpose. A company without a distinct, powerful purpose is as bland as every single commodity in a bloody sea of sameness.

Your prospects are lining up for brands that mean something. People want, and are ready to pay for, more than just another commoditized service. The exercises in the Core MVVP module set the foundation for compelling services.

Formulating your firm’s values

Your team members’ values seem to be obvious. However, we have observed companies recite the same words other companies use. If you want to stand out from the rest of the competition, that just won’t cut it.

We will go through particular exercises asking the right questions that will reveal what’s really valuable to your key stakeholders. We’ll be able to pinpoint and emphasize the differences between your company values and your competitors.

What you’re getting with this Core MVVP module

  • Unite team members

    Imagine you could assemble everyone to follow your common vision without the need to constantly motivate your employees — they would be eager to pursue shared goals.

  • A cure for depression

    There will be challenging times ahead. What if you could have a proven anti-depressant that would enable you to stay focused and optimistic about the future?

  • Attract better talent

    Great people want to work at great companies. Imagine you could attract the best talent by communicating your company’s importance and difference.

  • Appealing to buyers

    Your prospects can’t tell the difference from you and your competitors. So they shop for price. What if you could make a compelling offer without resorting to price reduction?

  • Positive emotions

    Imagine you could have a clear, shared vision of success for your company. Pursuing the most meaningful business objective you could conceive will produce nothing but positive emotions for you and your team.

  • Stand out

    While your competitors keep shouting meaningless slogans, you could communicate the exact reasons why what you do matters to your clients and the world.

Questions & answers ▾▾▾

MVVP stands for: mission, vision, values and purpose. These are the core elements of every successful brand and company.

Subject to the number of participants, you can expect to devote 4 to 8 hours to this workshop. We will provide explanations and examples. We will go through exercises that will help your team members to create good mission, vision and purpose statements.

We advise entrepreneurs to assemble a team of key decision makers for this workshop. Subject to the size and structure of the firm we expect to have business owners, general managers, marketing and sales directors as well as key account managers or their superiors who have insights into an existing client base.

The cost varies based on the number of participating team members. Typically this workshop is priced at 2,000 USD as a standalone package. It costs less as a constituent of one of our packaged solutions.

Your company mission defines what you’re in business for. It is either a comprehensive list of activities or a compound category. You want to be specific about this or risk confusing your prospects. The mission is what you’ll do to attain your vision.

In general it is a good idea to specify an objective, a target you would want to hit. You won’t hit your targets if you have nothing to aim at. That is why it’s better to have a clear picture of your mission success.

The purpose of the company answers the primary question of why it exists beyond making money. Company’s vision is best described with an image — a destination you want to get to in a certain period of time. The mission of the company is a set of activities that will help the business achieve its vision.

A great mission statement communicates the core idea — what is it that you do. While it seems obvious, companies are having a hard time to clearly state: “We’re in a business of (blank).” A powerful mission statement is capable of communicating a complicated idea in a simple way.

We have seen many mission and vision statements of companies from different industries. Most of them are terrible. The most common mistakes are: bragging, empty words, copy-pasting and self-interest. We will help you avoid these mistakes.

We don’t sell any packaged services until we have a conversation about your business objectives. We always start off with a Discovery session where we diagnose what should and what shouldn’t be part of our engagement. This also helps both of our companies to figure out whether we are a good fit. Contact us to know more.

awezzom is a Marketing Consultancy that can help you create meaningful Mission, Vision and Purpose statements for your professional service firm.

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