where do you want to be?


Getting a clear picture on where the company is today is just as important as knowing where it is headed. We help businesses reflect on current position and develop a thorough plan forward into the future.

keeping focus


Any company that experienced growth in time can become cumbersome, bureaucratic and clumsy. There are so many opportunities, so many projects and ideas. It is easy to get distracted and find yourself diverted from the path. We love helping brands stay laser-focused on core customers and base values the company was built upon.


Great. But how do you do it exactly?

That is the question. And a hard one. The answer is in the process of conversation. During our strategy workshop we talk with founders and key stakeholders about their story.
How did it all begin. What were the motivations behind it. What were the goals, ambitions, dreams, fears, hopes, milestones. We also talk about customers: in general, about important ones and of course about ideal ones.
We are searching for bits and pieces of information that could lead us to revealing the hidden gem that is the heart of your company and you - the people.


being relevant

awezzom being relevant

Staying rigid is not a good idea. Markets shift, customer preferences change. Being relevant is equal to being flexible and able to adjust to ever-transforming conditions. It also means to be a good fit for the customer here and now. We help businesses determine customer expectations about the company and products, and route business efforts towards proper adjustment.

Hmm. Fine, I guess...
What are we talking about here?

It doesn’t matter what you think about how cool your offer used to be or is, it is vital to know how your customer comprehends it and feels about your offer. We are talking about understanding the pain. We talk about figuring out what a core customer wants, assumes and awaits and putting that first, aligning your offer with client’s expectations.
Through strategy workshop we will uncover how your current offer is actually solving the problem, how it is transmitted and what can be improved.
Warning: pivoting might be necessary.

setting goals

awezzom goals

Many companies suffer from vague goals, hence the results. What businesses usually need is not a good-looking website or a slick logo, but rather an increase in sales, in calls, in feedback or churn reduction. It has to be quantifiable. Driven by measurable results, we help businesses pick the right targets and execute precise goals.


Go on. Nothing new here.

Marvelous. Did you know that the act or state of missing the mark translated from Biblical Greek and Jewish terms sometimes meant to sin?
That is another reason why we stress the importance of setting the goal as precisely as you possibly can.



is it time for tea?

Time is considered to be the most abundant resource we all possess, but keep constantly running out of. There is the right place and time for every product. Yet we hesitate to capture the moment. Our job is to push you out of the comfort zone to start thinking and discussing, and questioning the status quo so that we can further help your company figure out whether the time to act is now and plan an adequate sequence of proper steps.

Wow... Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious.

You are most welcome.
Have you considered how much it is going to cost you, say, in two years from now to win back old clients and attract new ones if you decide not to get to the bottom of the core problem and solve it today? We know for certain that it is going to be a lot more expensive, don’t we?
Are you planning to go out of business? If not, consider investing your time in figuring out your core customer and catering to client’s basic needs.
Learn the basics.

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the strategy workshop

what will you get?

Here’s a snapshot of what you might expect to get from the strategy workshop:



the story

We shall discuss the following: how was the company started and why; what was the initial idea; what was the plan; the motivation; the big dream. What led you to that point, that decision?


the problem

We will engage in understanding the main problem of the core customer, compare current offer as a solution to it. We will look for alternative solutions that may be faster, better, cheaper. We will dream of a perfect solution.



We will walk through your customer base and categorize them, rank them from worst to best, find the "80/20" customer, narrow it down to the ideal, core customer. We will create personalities for core clients. We will look into pricing, service, feedback, current customer journey.



What is it in you that makes you believe you can tackle core customer’s problem better than anyone else? What makes you unique? Why should they pay you? Who are you at your core? Do you have a promise to make to your clients and stick to it? What neuroripple effect would your name have when being thought of?




What is the point in all of this? You could be doing something else, so why this? We will define the point A - where you are today and set the point B - your next destination. It might be revenue, profit, number of employees, locations, clients or all of this. Are you ready for the journey?