Minimum viable website

Building a meaningful website is not an easy task. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how many challenges you have to face on a daily basis. Having a vague understaning of the technology makes things even more complicated.

We know what works and what’s important, and we know wich features and functionality can wait. We can suggest the right budget to reach your business goals. We’d love to help you with MVP web design and development for your startup.

Early stage companies tend to complicate matters by including irrelevant features into the product and overthinking the value proposition. This is a common mistake entrepreneurs make every day all over the world. Our job at awezzom is to make sure you are aware of this and to share our knowledge and experience in solving this problem.

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a well-known concept for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs and there is no reason why the same aproach shouldn’t be utilized in regards to website creation process. The less is more and it’s especially true to companies at the beginning of their journey.

We will help you define your core target customer and set clear achievable business goals in order to build just the right amount of features and functionality into your MVP website. This will allow you to save time, money and effort on things your start-up doesn’t need at the moment.

A well-designed MVP website could help you with the following:
+ showcase a prototype to an angel or VC investor;
+ validate business idea;
+ evaluate market’s potential;
+ get feedback from target audience;
+ harvest data for initial and future analytics;
+ adjust initial assumptions;
= save time, money & effort by building only the inevitable functionality.