Contemporary digital content has deep, layered structure that allows to deliver rich experience to consumers. It also provides crucial user data to creators. We can help bridge this data gap and create a positive feedback loop.

MVP website


We can help you build a website that supports your minimum viable product. Or develop an MVP app. Fast. Just the most crucial parts, so you could test the market ASAP.

We’ll help you avoid mistakes early stage companies make by overthinking and including irrelevant features.
Lean kanban, agile scrum sprint MVP. Oh yeah, baby!

MVP website | awezzom
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Spending money with a new seller is always considered risky. We can help put your customers’ worries at ease. We’ll make the shopping experience pleasant, purchasing process trustworthy, payments secure.
Based on your business goals, resources and time frame, we can help you identify the right e-Commerce platform to implement. Or build you a new one from scratch if need be.

Responsive design


We create web apps that are beautiful and work great across all devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, POS, PC’s, etc. What does that mean?  Your website will look exceptionally well no matter the screen size. It will be easy to navigate. And your visitors won’t have to use a magnifying glass to see content. We will remove unnecessary friction between your business and your customers.

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Wireframes and prototype, UX & UI | awezzom


If you care about your customers, you probably want them to succeed with whatever goal they are trying to accomplish on your web app.
We can help to design a beautiful, intuitive user interface supported by an elaborate user experience.
How important is this? Depends on how great you want your product to be. Let your competitors worry about these “buzzwords” if you want them to prevail in the business instead of you.

Admin & CMS


When you need to manage your content, add products, change prices, alter descriptions, swap images, post announcements or launch special offers and you are planning to designate a non-tech-savvy person for this job, you would require a user-friendly content management system.
We can help you select the one most suitable for your needs, customize it or develop a new one for your business.

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Performance optimization

We can make your website load fast, work smooth, consume less resources. Why would you want that?  Users do not like it when web pages load slowly. First-time visitors generally do not wait and leave when it takes for the page to load longer than they are used to. When the website feels laggy, people tend to think something is wrong and leave. So do the search engines. The more progressive, fast, up-to-date, reliable and using-best-practices your website is, the better it will be perceived by search engines and your target audience.

Full stack


We are experts in both front-end and back-end development. What’s that?  This means we can make the code, that runs on the server side, communicate with the code, that works on the user’s side, in a most efficient way. We will find the right balance for your app by distributing loads across relevant resources. For you this means you would be sending less money to your hosting provider. For your users - this will ensure less downloading, hence paying, to Telco providers, while having a pleasant experience on your website.

Back-end code on screen | awezzom
Third-party API integration | awezzom

3-party integration

When your business relies on third-party software services, we can provide a seamless integration with your existing or brand new application. APIs, widgets, modules, plugins - you name it.
When you are building from scratch and looking for an expert opinion, we’ll help you select the most suitable solution for your business requirements.

Custom solutions


If you are looking for a custom software solution for your business, we’d be delighted to get involved with the challenge and help you develop a robust system tailored to your needs.
Syncing warehouse stocks with an online store, adjusting tax rates and delivery costs to regions, reporting, forecasting and budgeting - all intertwined data can be manipulated with and transformed into incredibly powerful tools.

Coder working on custom code | awezzom