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Brand Strategy Workshop

aBS Workshop is a foundational framework that explores the fundamentals of positioning, differentiation, value proposition, compelling messaging and brand awareness plan.

It answers the most essential questions: what do you do, who do you do it for, where to find them, what to say, when does it make sense, how you are different and why does it matter.

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what will you get?

Brand is about alignment of business goals to employee behaviours to customer expectations. Strategy is about discerning opportunities from distractions. Design is about purposeful iterations. Here’s a snapshot of what you might expect to get from the aBS Brand Strategy Workshop:



The story

We shall discuss the following: how was the company started and why; what was the initial idea; what was the plan; the motivation; the big dream. What was the main reason behind starting this particular business and not something else?



We will dive into underlying principles that guide your actions, manifesting themselves in the services you provide — your company Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose. We will figure out why your company exists beyond making money, what does a picture of success look like, how are you planning to achieve that and where will you find strenghts to stand up for your clients.



The problem

We will engage in understanding the main problem of the client, analyze how good is your current offering as a solution to this problem. We will look for alternative solutions that may be faster, better, cheaper or different. We will dream of a perfect solution that could delight your clients making your services irreplaceable.



We will walk through your customer base and categorize them, rank them from worst to best, find the "80/20" client, narrow it down to the ideal, core client. We will create client personas. We will look into pricing, feedback, needs, desires, aspirations, objections and typical client journey. We will gather granular data to find commonalities for future marketing effort.




What is your category? Are you competing in a too narrow or, perhaps, too broad industry category, segment or area? Are you underpricing your value? How much of an expertise component do your services carry? What box you ought to occupy in the minds and hearts of your clients? We will help you understand your current position in the marketplace and figure out a better, more sustainable one.



What is it in you that makes you believe you can tackle your client’s problem better than anyone else? How can you prove it? What is your value proposition and how is it really different from everyone else? What makes you unique? Why should they pay attention to you? We will work together through a series of exercises to get to the bottom of these questions.



Brand personality

How should you look and sound like? What kind of attitude should you have? What would it feel like to interact with your company? We will work on creating a familiar yet authentic image for your brand.



It takes most companies months to develop a name that eventually fails in the market. What neuro-rippling effect should your name have when being thought of? We will help you craft names for your company, your brand, your domain and services so that they are in alignment with your Core MVVP and capable of standing the test of time.




Do you know what to say, where to say it, how to say it, who to say it to and when? We will work on crafting compelling marketing messages for your target audience. We will come up with a short and catchy tagline that describes your brand.



We will define the point A — where you are today and set the point B — your next destination. We will distinguish the touchpoints where your brand will come in contact with your clients and then we will connect the dots.


What else will you get?

The results of aBS Workshop are profound and often times unexpected. Numerous workshop participants have stated to have gained clarity, focus and confidence after the experience. And in some cases we were even able to identify ways of making the competition irrelevant.

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